Acne Laser Treatment is a Last Resort – Try Home Remedies First

You’re fed up. You’ve reached the point where you’re sick and tired of the empty promises made to you by the companies who make over the counter acne treatment products.

You’ve decided that you’re not going to go down that road again and you’re going to do whatever it takes, no matter how much it costs to get your acne to go away for good.

Wanting to get rid of acne and feeling like it’s a losing, uphill battle is a common problem with people who have it.

If you’re thinking about trying to have an acne laser treatment done to fix your acne, you might not have all the facts about this procedure.

While you might be at the stage where you’ll pay anything at all to get relief, many acne laser treatment procedures cost hundreds of dollars per hour.

The cost can range from three hundred dollars for half an hour to five hundred dollars per half hour.

So if takes two hours on your first visit, even figuring the smaller amount, you’ll pay out twelve hundred dollars.

Guess how much of that bill your health insurance company will pay?

Not one penny.

Acne laser treatment is considered by health companies to be a ‘cosmetic procedure’ rather than a medical necessity even though it does fall under the heading of a medical need since acne is an inflammation.

Even without insurance paying any of it, people will still pay the high cost of laser treatment?

Why? Because they feel they’ve exhausted all the other avenues and have no hope left.

You might feel the same way.

You might feel that the money you’ll spend on having a laser treatment done will end up costing you less than all the over the counter stuff you’ve been buying for years.

What you don’t realize is that getting acne laser treatment isn’t limited to just one visit.

The acne comes back.

So if your acne reappears six months down the road, you’ll find yourself under the laser again.

Paying that high cost again.

Not only are they expensive, but acne laser treatment can cause scarring or infection.

Plus, you can end up with different skin tone in spots.

You could end up looking patchy uneven skin tone. Hyperpigmentation cream can help like Meladerm Civant skin cream.

The reason the over the counter junk or the laser treatments don’t work is because they’re trying to fix an internal problem by attacking it on the outside.

Acne is a sign on the surface that’s something’s wrong in the body.

That’s why you need Acne Free in 3 Days.

You need to fix your acne from the inside out with the all natural treatment plan you’ll learn.

You won’t have to buy any supplements with Acne Free in 3 Days and you won’t have to use any weird chemicals.

You’ll get a holistic approach to learn how to fix your acne.

So before you go under the laser, give this home remedy a try first.


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