Best Mattress Pad For Hot Sleepers

Are you a hot sleeper? Here’s our top 3 best bed cooling systems to help you out.

If you’re anything like me, sleep or lack of it is controlling your life.

Waking up halfway through the night, tossing and turning because the mattress pad feels like a hot sauna. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at three of the most effective ways for us hot sleepers to get a good nights sleep that has been proven to work by people just like you.

#1. Chilipad Cube:

Best Mattress Pad For Hot SleepersThe Chilipad sleep system has been designed and used effectively to help control your sleep comfort temperature.

It has been scientifically proven that the human body sleeps best at a temperature range between 60-68F.

The chilipad uses a network of microtubes to control the temperature of your mattress by circulation water through them.

Water is pumped through these microtubes using small but powerful heating, cooling temperature controlled box called the cube.

The mattress pad comes in Single and Dual Zone so both you and your partner can have your preferred temperature set for the ultimate night’s sleep.

The Single Zone has one Cube and cools or warms just the one side. You can have a single zone cube on any size mattress, doesn’t have to be a single mattress.

The Dual Zone Cube has Dual Temperature Zones and has 2 Cubes. The two sides can have it’s own different sleep temperatures. The result is, YOU get the perfect temperature for the best nights sleep and so does your partner.

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#2. Bedjet V2/v3:

Best Mattress Pad For Hot SleepersBedjet V2/3 Dual Zone system can create independent zones either cooling or heating for each half of the bed.

Each side gets there very own remote control and can adjust the flow and settings to your very own liking and comfort.

Ideal for those who sleep hot, while those who like to sleep cooler.  

The Dual Zone setup uses two BedJet machines combined with there super soft Dual Zone AirComforter sheet. 

The AirComforter replaces your regular top sheet to work its magic underneath quilts, blankets, or regular comforters

Note: You don’t have to use the Aircomforter sheet and it is extra but it does work better and completes the system to work more efficiently.

No wires, no tubes, no electricity in the bed and no mattress pads to sleep on top of, no water to leak, lifetime washable air filter.

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#3. ViscoSoft 3 Inch 3.5 lbs. Density Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Pad For Hot SleepersThe Viscosoft mattress topper innovative temperature-controlled surface evenly distributes your body heat so you’ll never be too hot or too cold again.

Think of it as a luxurious climate control system for your bedroom that leads to better quality, more restful sleep.

Traditional memory foam toppers have a tendency to make you sleep hotter, but the Viscosoft topper breathable, gel-infused memory foam keeps your body cool throughout the night.

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Everyone has there own sleep comfort zone and ways to get there. Ideally, backed by science and proven the best sleep temperature is between 60-68F.

When you don’t get the recommended amount of hours of sleep per night your body suffers for it.

It is recommended that we try and achieve a minimum of 6 hours with optimum is 8 hours. 

The benefits are: 

  • Improves Memory
  • Improves Weight Loss
  • Reduces Stress
  • Creates Safer Conditions
  • Improves Overall Health & Immunity
  • Improves Your Physical Strength

In this post, we have provided 3 effective ways to control and deal with night sweats your sleeping zone so you can acquire the ultimate sleeping zone that suits your very own liking.

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