ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Which One Should You Buy?

The ChiliPad Cube and BedJet are the top leaders. They both provide supreme heating and cooling comfort in bed.

But which is actually better? How do you know which is right for you?

In this post, you’ll find below several categories comparing ChiliPad VS BedJet head-to-head. So in the end, you’ll have a clear winner on which one you might want. This way you can save time and finally experience a night’s sleep like never before.

But if you came here already knowing which one you want to buy, go here to read my full ChiliPad Review and BedJet V2 Review.

Now, let’s compare these two-bed heating/cooling systems…

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: How It Works

First, let’s clear up any confusion. And take a look at how each one actually works. This will give you an idea of which fits your needs the best.

BedJet V2

chilipad vs bedjetBedJet uses air for cooling/heating

The BedJet V2 uses gentle convective and evaporative methods to keep you at your ideal sleep temperature throughout the night.

BedJet’s cooling function wicks away trapped body heat and moisture while you sleep to keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable in bed. While its warming function gives you a luxurious toasty, “out-of-the-dryer” feeling.

ChiliPad Cube

chilipad cube vs bedjetChiliPad uses water for cooling/heating

Instead of air, the ChiliPad Cube is water-based. Unlike the BedJet V2, this is a complete mattress topper with built-in micro silicone tubes that circulates water throughout to warm/cool your entire bed.

For both products, you’ll need to sleep with a blanket to insulate the desired temperature around your body.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Cooling And Heating

ChiliPad Cube

With the ChiliPad’s unit, you can easily adjust the temperature with a push of a button. Temperatures can go from as low as 55ºF to a warm 110ºF. When set, the unit will show you in real-time how warm or cool it is.

To reach your desired temperature, it can take around 30-40 minutes. This is expected since it uses water.

BedJet V2

Compared to the Chilipad, the BedJet’s cooling and heating is much faster. In Turbo Heat Mode — a setting that runs for up to 10 minutes  — your bed can become a cozy 109ºF in a matter of minutes.

BedJet’s cooling mode power ventilates your bed using room temperature air and is felt within 10 seconds.

NOTE: BedJet is not an air conditioner and not a substitute for zero air conditioning in extreme heat (80 degree+) bedrooms. Room temp needs to be below 79 degrees for best cooling.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Set Up

This is where most people turn away. If it’s hard to set up, you hesitate in buying. But to make things clear, both are easy to set up. If you can follow instructions, you’re good to go. The BedJet V2 is much easier though.

BedJet V2

bedjet installBedJet is easy to set up in minutes

To set up the BedJet, it’s as easy as plugging the unit into an outlet with the built-in adapter, attaching the hose with the nozzle to it, putting together the 3-piece assembly holder and sticking it under your mattress. (Click here to watch installation video)

When finished, the BedJet unit can fit under beds with 7 inch clearance underneath. But if not, can sit by its side with the BedJet’s vertical mount accessory.

ChiliPad Cube

The ChiliPad installation is more complex (click here to watch the installation video)

To set the ChiliPad, you first strap the mattress topper to your bed. With the tube on one end, you’ll then plug it into a connector, and connect the connector to the cube unit. Now, attach the adapter to the cube unit and plug it into an outlet. Lastly, pour water into the reservoir.

When finished, you must make sure the cube has a 24-inch clearance all around for effective heating and cooling. This means you can’t simply place it anywhere. You’ll need to have a bit of room.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Maintenance

Along with setup, maintenance is probably the next thing that worries people. And as you can guess, the BedJet 3 beats the ChiliPad in this too.

BedJet V3

Maintenance for this is nothing more than rinsing the air filter once every 3 months or so. That’s literally it!

ChiliPad Cube

However, with the ChiliPad, because it’s more advanced, there are extra steps in taking care of it. First, the water needs to be cleaned once a month by adding a cap full of hydrogen peroxide into the unit. And like the BedJet, you’ll also have to periodically clean the dust screen.

Next, to wash the mattress pad, you just throw it in a front load washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water only, and then air dry it. Just make sure to secure the tube with a rubber band first.

ChiliPad VS BedJet: Remote Controls


bedjet vs chilipadBedJet can only be controlled with the remote

The BedJet is controlled via its easy-to-use wireless remote or with their free downloadable app. Unfortunately, it can’t be controlled directly from the unit itself.

To use BedJet’s Biorhythm Sleep Technology features, you must use the BedJet app on your smartphone.

ChiliPad Cube

bedjet v2 vs chilipadChiliPad can be controlled both on the unit and remote

The ChiliPad can be controlled with the wireless remote AS WELL AS from the unit itself.  Both contain a simple 3-button operation — Power On/Off, Increase Temperature, Decrease Temperature.

Live temperature readings also show up on the remote and unit.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V3: Features

With the above said, let’s now take a closer look at the advanced features of each.

ChiliPad Cube

To put it simply, the ChiliPad has no other features. It’s very straightforward. You set it up, choose a temperature, and it will keep that temperature all night long (10-hour auto-shutoff), or when you decide to turn it off.

BedJet V2

With the BedJet app, you can take advantage of their Biorhythm Sleep Technology and pre-program custom cooling/heating profiles for every hour of the night.

bedjet v2 vs chilipad cubeBedJet app (FREE) contains advanced features and settings

On the app, you’ll access temperature readings and settings, air flow percentage, alarms, and saved settings. All great in making your bed the ideal sleep temperature for you throughout the night

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Noise

A major concern for many. But you’ll be glad to know that both of them are silent…

ChiliPad Cube

No matter the setting, the Chilipad never goes any higher than 40dB. Similar to the sound a desktop computer fan makes.

BedJet V2

On low or medium, the BedJet noise level is similar to the ChiliPad — 38dB. On the highest setting (Turbo Heat), the noise level is around 50dB. But this setting only runs for 10 minutes max.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Safety

ChiliPad Cube

Obviously, the ChiliPad can become a leaking problem. However, the tubings inside are made of a durable, medical-grade silicone material. So it’s uncommon for them to ever break. However, it’s recommended to place a waterproof topper underneath just in case.

BedJet V2

With the BedJet, you don’t have to worry about wires, tubes, water, or anything of the sort. Just air. And this isn’t a problem either as there’s a built-in air filter.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Dual Zone

Dual Zone is when you can adjust two halves of the bed’s temperature to two different settings. And both of these products can do just that.

BedJet V2

chilipad cube vs bedjet v2BedJet fills air comforter sheet for dual zone temperatures

To get custom cooling/warming on either side of the bed, you’ll need BedJet’s Dual Zone Climate Comfort System. This comes with two BedJet units and a Dual Zone Air Comforter Sheet.

The sheet replaces your top sheet and has special stitching down the middle to create two independent chambers. Made of a soft 100% pure cotton, its softness is on par with 5-star hotel-grade sheets.

With it, the BedJet will fill it up with cool/warm air by attaching it to the nozzle. One for each side.

ChiliPad Cube

ChiliPad’s Dual Zone uses one large mattress topper that has two tubes for each half. All you need to do is connect each tube to a unit. And set each cube to your desired temperature.

Then just like that, for both the ChiliPad and BedJet, you can have one-half cool and the other half warm. Dual Zone is only available for King, Cal King, and Queen size beds for both.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Price

Here’s the category you’ve probably been waiting for. Which one is more worth it?


Of all their products, the BedJet is cheaper than the ChiliPad. For a single zone (fits all beds), it’s around $350. For their dual-zone package (2 BedJet V2, 1 Air Comforter Sheet), it’s around $800.

ChiliPad Cube

The ChiliPad’s price depends on the size of your bed because it uses a mattress topper. Each size has its own price. From the lowest being $449 to the highest being $1099.

Which is more worth it, depends on your needs.

ChiliPad VS BedJet V2: Power Usage

ChiliPad Cube

On average, the Chilipad uses 80 watts of power steadily.

BedJet V2

The BedJet depends on the setting. In cooling mode, each unit draws up to 40 watts. In ordinary heat modes, the unit can range from 150-1500 watts depending on the setting.

The 1500-watt Turbo-heat setting can only run for a maximum of 10 minutes. This power can be handled on a typical 15A bedroom AC circuit.

If you use their dual-zone system, make sure the dual-zone switch on the back of the unit is set to ON. This will power limit them so that the two units combined don’t exceed the 1500-watt max power.

Bedjet Vs Chilipad: Final Words

The ChiliPad Cube and BedJet V2 are cost-effective. After using them for some time, you can watch your energy bill drop. As you won’t need to blast your air conditioner all day long. Instead, you can cool just your bed — where you need it most.

So you can probably already imagine how much less energy you’ll be using.

On top of that, both the ChiliPad and BedJet don’t use nearly as much energy as an AC would.

Now, which is better?

Image result for chilipad cube

It really depends on you.

Some like the water-based cooling from the ChiliPad, while others like the gentle wind blow from the BedJet.

The ChiliPad is significantly more expensive and requires more attention and maintenance, but its cooling and heating is superb.

You just have to decide for yourself after reading the above, which is best for your situation.

If you have an idea of which one you want, you can use the link below to go grab yours now…

P.S. Both come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty. You have 30-Days to test the ChiliPad, and 60-Days for the BedJet, or your full money back!

You can see our in-depth individual reviews of the Chilipad sleep system here and Bedjet here


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