How To Use Cucumber For Skin Lightening Easy At Home

Hey all, today I am going to tell you How To Use Cucumber For Skin Lightening

Today in this article I will share with you an amazing remedy that can make your skin soft white glowing from first use.

You can make this remedy very easily within a few minutes and it is a very effective way to get a fair glow and whiten Skin.

There are a few ingredients that you will need:

  1. large cucumber
  2. lemons
  3. Fuller’s earth powder

To make this remedy we need cucumber juice.

So at first get a cucumber then cut the cucumber and grate it up in our grater to make a paste.

Cucumber contains vitamin C and caffeine acid to which both help soothe the skin irritations and reduce swelling.

Now take our sieve and extract the juice from the Cucumber paste.

Now our cucumber juice is ready to use.

How To Use Cucumber For Skin Lightening Step #1


  • At first, take 2 tablespoons of the cucumber juice and place in a bowl then add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Mix these two ingredients very well so they are combined with each other.
  • Now clean your skin with the mixture using a cotton ball or similar.
  • This mixture helps to reduce dark black patches and dullness from the skin.
  • It also cleans your skin deeply and helps to keep your skin looking as young and vibrant as possible.
  • Clean your skin for three to five minutes and then wash off with normal water.

Cucumber for skin lightening Step #2

Face Pack

  • To make this face pack take one tablespoon of Fuller’s earth powder and place in a bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice after then add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Mix them all together in the bowl making sure they all are very well mixed together.
  • Then take the mixture and apply it on your skin gently.
  • If you have pimples and dark spots on the skin you can use this face back regularly.
  • It will make your skin soft bright and smooth from the first time you use it.
  • Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes after 15 to 20 minutes wash off your skin with normal water.
  • After you have washed your skin you will get a nice fair glow soft and whitening skin within 20 minutes.

Making your very own cucumber for skin lightening remedies can be fun, but after time it can become a chore. Not only that it’s not long term.

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