My Emerita Pro-gest Cream Reviews: My Thoughts And View!

Hey there, Emerita Pro-gest Cream Reviews are everywhere but, if you are looking for information on a hormonal cream called Emerita Pro-gest Cream with progesterone then you are in luck. I am going to give you a full overview of this hormone balance cream.

I will explain what the features are, what the customer opinion is, where to get the best deals and discounts and most important whether or not it does a decent job.

We will also point you in the right direction where we would recommend purchasing from so you get the right hormone balance cream you want and that will do the job at the right price.

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Still Here? Then keep reading!

Hey Sonya here and I want to share with you how I used Emerita Pro-gest Balancing cream to help me with my perimenopause and menopause problems. This is my Emerita Pro-gest Cream Reviews.

I had a rough time going through menopause and hot flashes. Some days I had four even five hot flashes a day and that’s not counting the ones at night. Now that I am peri I thought things were getting better and easier.

I have been suffering for a few years now with night sweats, brain fog, and fatigue. That is why I want to tell you about this wonderful cream I came across.

I want to tell you the good points and bad points on what it did to me so you know for yourself.

This is my review and thoughts of this hormone balancing cream, so keep reading if you want to know more.

Emerita Pro-gest Cream Reviews: My Thoughts

First up we will take a look at who hormone balance cream is for and when should it be used?

Emerita Pro-gest Cream is made and designed for women like you who are having problems combating the likes of hot flashes, insomnia, brain fog and many other symptoms of menopause.

More than two-thirds of women across the world going into menopause have hot flashes. They also affect women who start menopause after chemotherapy or surgery to remove their ovaries.

Emerita pro gest natural progesterone cream is paraben free so you don’t have to worry about any nasty sulfates or any estrogen disruptions because if it.

What the cream does is it helps you to normalize estrogen levels and help with other hormonal imbalances in your body caused by natural progesterone deficiencies.

Emerita pro gest natural progesterone cream offers you relief and helps sooth the effects of menopause and perimenopause related issues like those hot flashes and even depression.

Quickly Relieve Peri/Menopause-Related Symptoms

Fast acting with easy application to the skin all you have to do is add about a dime-size dollop of cream and rub that into the skin. The cream helps supplement your body’s progesterone and help you to sooth perimenopause and menopause-related symptoms.

These symptoms range from hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness, irritability, water retention, breast tenderness, migraines, and decreased sex drive.

Simple Twice-a-Day Application

Simple to apply just a small dollop of cream around a dime size or 1/4 teaspoon will help soothe and treat your menopause problems. Just massage the cream into your skin it really doesn’t matter where but first to a test spot.

Always make sure when testing new products to carry out a test just in case you have a reaction. Just apply a small amount on the back of the hand and wait a day. If no burning or reaction you are good to go.

Apply twice a day and just gently massage into the skin. It can be applied to your inner arms, inner thighs, abdomen, or chest for best results. This product works best when used in tandem to your menstrual cycle.

What’s it made from? Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Premium Botanical Extracts

Emerita Pro-Gest Natural Balancing Cream contains no mineral oil or petroleum. Also not included in the cream is paraben.

Made from real organic and botanic ingredients like Vitamin E, aloe vera, safflower seed oil, and sweet almond oil that soothe the skin with each application.

Tested by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP)

Passing with flying colors with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). USP has classified that the progesterone used in this product as the highest quality available, based on its purity and strength.

It is the only all-natural balancing cream to be clinically tested by USP and has found it to be the highest quality.

Each tube contains 450 milligrams of USP Progesterone per ounce. Each 1/4 teaspoon contains approximately 20 mg of USP Progesterone, which research has shown is enough to achieve natural hormonal balance.

Emerita Pro-Gest Natural Progesterone Cream Side Effects

While some people regardless will always have a bad experience or side effects from things and using  Emerita Pro-gest Cream is no different.

All tho I never had any bad side effects I do know some did.

Some of the main emerita pro gest natural progesterone cream side effects are as follows

  • Reaction To The Cream
  • Soy Allergies From The Vitamin E Source
  • Could Cause Weight Gain
  • Can Cause Dizzy And Sickness

There are a few more side effects that others have reported on the customer reviews from… to check them out click here

Emerita Pro-gest Cream Customer Opinions:

Now is the ultimate test!

What are people saying that have purchased?

The reviews of the Emerita Pro-gest Cream are great for the most part. You will see 4 or 5-star reviews at which is great but there were a few reviews saying that they had a reaction to the cream or made them feel slightly off in the stomach.

Due to the positive reviews, we don’t think you should worry about a few bad ones. For the most part, this looks like a fantastic choice.

Who Is The Emerita Pro-gest Cream For?

If you are at the stage in the life of menopause or perimenopause suffering from depression, anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, and fatigue then you need to take a serious look at the Emerita Pro-gest Cream. You will save money, get a cream that works well and you will get a VERY low cost for this product!

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