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Hi There! My name is Robyn. I am on my 17th day of taking the DIM Estrogen Supplement By Smoky Mountain Naturals

I am forever 28 in my mind, yet I turned 50 in 2016. I entered the mean-o-pause zone.

This is a little bit of my back story, my present, this is ‘ Important’

The phases we go through as we age isn’t relevant until we’re knee deep in it, and oh boy was I.

I wish the women reading here to know, this is not forever, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Approximately One year ago today, I was a healthy size 5/6, living life, eating well, enjoying life, working out.

April, I turned 50, my thinner self, my vibrant world went south in less than months.

Mood Swings.

Weight gain, as if I was being blown up with a tire pump: butts, thighs, from head to toes(figure of speech) under the arms and my turkey neck well let’s not go there. I no longer recognize myself.

I have had ups and downs in weight, like many.

I haven’t ever experienced anything like this. At times I would stand in front f the mirror and just cry, depressed by what I see.

It felt if my skin was tearing from pressure building under my skin.

It’s not Fat as in overeating, it’s literally being blown up like a balloon, it is pure anguish to a person

to go from this to that, in a very short period.

Its hell for all women, reactions may vary but you know what I am talking about though!

And for the extra added bonus: Chin Acne, combined with a jawline that was more spikier than a cactus from the ingrown hairs.

My cycles have been shortened to questionable, spotty for the last 7 months.

I missed my cycle completely in Oct, this is when I began researching Mean-o-Pause truly for answers.

And that is how I came across  Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM 200mg Plus BioPerine Estrogen Metabolism & Balance hits all the markers for health benefits.

Here I researched for 2 days, reading, watching Dr’s on youtube and they all keep pointing back to Smokey Mountain naturals hence was my only choice, I am beyond thankful.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts And Opinions On Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM 200mg Plus BioPerine Estrogen Metabolism & Balance

Here are the features:

  • THE #1 MENOPAUSE SOLUTION ON AMAZON – DIM (diindolylmethane) is an extract from nature’s healthiest foods: Cruciferous vegetables. This powerful natural solution has finally given women and men a natural way to balance their hormones. And the word is getting out. That’s why DIM by Smoky Mountain Naturals is the top menopause product and Women’s Health Product on Amazon!
  • EVERYTHING IN ONE EASY CAPSULE – A single bottle of DIM contains a two-month supply of once-daily powerful doses in a small vegetable capsule. Other DIM products require multiple capsules. Not ours! That’s because every veggie capsule is packed with an amazing 200 mg of DIM (double the norm), as well as 2.5 mg of Bioperine. Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM has it all!
  • A REVOLUTION IN MENOPAUSE TREATMENT – DIM-plus BioPerine provides natural hormone balance by promoting the metabolism of excess potent forms of estrogen. Restored estrogen balance means the reduction or elimination of menopause symptoms! Additional benefits for women include Weight loss, restored energy, hormonal acne reduction, help in the management of PCOS, and the promotion of healthy breast tissue because DIM is a natural aromatase inhibitor!
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR MEN TOO – Men are using DIM-plus BioPerine to get amazing fitness results. Because DIM metabolizes excess estrogen, it’s a crucial weight loss tool. And less estrogen means a greater ability to gain muscle mass. That’s why DIM is one of the most popular supplements amongst bodybuilders! Additional benefits for men include increased libido, improved prostate health, and acne control. DIM can also improve the effectiveness of testosterone by eliminating excess estrogen.
  • (LIFETIME GUARANTEE) THE MOST COMPLETE DIM AVAILABLE– Soy-Free, Magnesium Stearate-Free, Dairy-Free, I3C-Free, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan. Mico-Encapsulated and made with Veggie Capsules. We use organic brown rice, not magnesium stearate or rice flour like most other brands. Produced in an FDA-GMP facility in the USA and offered at a lower price than any other high-quality DIM. Our Lifetime Guarantee means you can contact us directly for a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason!

I take one capsule daily each morning just like clockwork I take it. I actually rise from bed, grab water, and take my DIM before I do anything! it’s now my routine.

Day SEVEN on Dim plus supplement, I got my period.

I felt it. I had all the normal symptoms, I had when I was in my younger years, the cramping, the

aching lower back, ” NO PMS” and low and behold, I couldn’t believe it.

I felt every emotion in the world at this reprise of ” my womanhood”. I exclaimed I am not dead yet. Whew.

We all complain of our cycles is a problem, wait until ” it stops” and you feel ‘ this way ” in return.

It lasted 5 days, it was pain-free, it was stress released 100 percent, It felt great.

17 days on Dim I have found my moods to be ” SO MUCH better” Yes, it’s like letting the air out of a tire. It’s mental physical ‘ release’ – more more more please, I am feeling it daily like a blessing

My Blood Sugar is balancing, after taking the Dim plus supplement. This I feel and felt right away, this is priceless!

My CHIN is near completely clear! Thank you, God, it’s Me, Robyn.

before and after

The Advantages of DIM-Plus Bioperine.


  • It is composed of natural ingredients that are proven* to be safe and effective.
  • It promotes* estrogen balance by restoring normal estrogen levels.
  • It reduces* symptoms associated with menopause and hormonal imbalance.
  • It supports* growth of healthy cervical and breast cells.
  • It restores mental clarity and emotional stability.
  • It has added benefits like weight loss* and reduction* of hormonal acne.
  • It helps induce muscle growth, making it ideal for bodybuilders.
  • It has some anti-aging effects that result in increased energy levels.
  • It is suitable not just for women, but for men as well.
  • It is reasonably priced and easy to find online.
  • The best menopause supplement available

The Cons of DIM Plus BioPerine:


  • There will be some detox-like side effects during the first few days.
  • May have a nauseous effect when first taken.
  • Some have noticed no changes but fixed other problems like hot flashes.



Smoky Mountain Naturals, restoring hormonal health is their passion. Everything they sell is designed and priced to provide natural balance, that anyone can afford.

They stand behind every product and customer 100%. If you aren’t thrilled, you don’t pay. Period.

If you are looking for the best estrogen supplements for complete inner health we think you have found it!

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Customer Opinion:

Now is the ultimate test!

What are people saying that have purchased?

The reviews about DIM 200mg Plus BioPerine Estrogen Metabolism & Balance are great for the most part. You will see 4 or 5-star reviews at Amazon.com which is great but there were a few reviews saying that the supplements made them sick from taking them and others sore no results.

Due to the positive reviews, a few bad ones I don’t think you should worry about them due to everyone’s body is different. There is only one way to find out if the supplements work for you and that is to try them.

Who Is This For?

If you are looking for a powerful and fast acting supplement to help your bodies aging changes from menopause, hot flashes to just needing a complete estrogen balance supplement you need to take a serious look at Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM 200mg Plus BioPerine Estrogen Metabolism & Balance.

Check it out through the link below:

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At the moment you can pick this up for just $18.95 and that will save you $11.00 off of the price at the minute. Amazon also has a deal on where the more you buy the cheaper it will be for shipping.




Overall, I’m really impressed with DIM 200mg Plus BioPerine Estrogen Metabolism & Balance. It’s helped me get back on track and help balance my inner hormones and for the price and guarantee its a no-brainer.  

I highly recommend these supplements especially if you are heading towards mean-o-pause☺ of just missing that complete balance.

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here <<.

Well, thanks for reading this review. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below…

PS – Will the DIM Supplements work for you?

  I don’t know.

  What I can tell you is over 1200 reviews on Amazon.com… from people just like you have who have used Dim and recommend to anyone to try it out from facial hair removal, menopause cycles to incomplete estrogen balance the list is endless.

 Some have reported to even have lost weight from taking the supplements.

  Let’s say you didn’t buy these supplements

  Where will that leave you?

  Will you get your life back on track?

  Probably not.

  Will you be kicking yourself if you knew you could have changed it all around but didn’t take the opportunity?


  I can’t make the decision for you. It’s 100% up to you.

  I can help you, but you’ve got to take the first step.

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